About Us

My name is Abdul Dommarani. 5 years ago I had to flee Syria. 
I had to leave everything behind including my own sewing atelier. Which I built up in 10 years.


In the Netherlands I got the chance to build up my life again. After participating in a refugee program at Makers Unite, I´m ready to start my own atelier again. With more than 20 years of knowledge and expertise in textile craft no challenge is too big for us. Locally produced in Amsterdam and minimizing our footprint in the whole production process.


The average distance a garment travels before it is sold is absurd. The number of unnecessary kilometers of transport weighs heavily on our environment and there is a lot of room for improvement.


What do we offer?

-We can make absolutely everything, from pillows to clothes and dresses. Abdul and his team make everything

-Pattern making

-Sample production 

-Small/medium/high scale production

-Clothing repair

-All locally produced in Amsterdam by Abdul and his team



We stand for a  Sustainable Fashion industry and are going to contribute by making local clothing craft attractive again.


How do we work?

-Contact us through our contact page

-When your needs match our concept, we plan an appointment

-Bring a prototype or an example of your product including all materials needed to produce one + patterns

-We can make patterns (if needed)

-When you're satisfied with the product and price, we can start producing!